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Connecting To

Today, being August 31, 2001,
I turned on my beloved Webtv
And low and behold, I saw on the news,

And in the webtv today section

That it is the anniversary of Bev and Bob.

I then went to community

Clicked on

Everywhere it was the "HOT" item !
So then I decided to go across town.

The people were lined up everywhere,
waiting for the anniversary parade.
It was impossible to find a good viewing spot.
So off I went.
Next stop was to IM

All my buddies were chatting about the anniversary !
Wow, I thought, and wondering what I should do now.
Alt:came to mind.

Wanting be be a part of this anniversary,
I clicked on favorite folders

to find my treasured gifs
used to make webpages

I found some favorites


May this be your best year yet !
Your friend,