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The month of July hosts many great events.
July 4th...Independance Day
July 6th...National Fried Chicken Day
July 7th...National Strawberry Sundae Day
July 28th..National Milk Chocolate Day
July 31st...Parent's Day
But the most important day of all is

These cats are having a cat blast
getting all dressed up to help Lizzy celebrate her 12th birthday.

A trip to the hair stylist for a new hair do and nails polished to perfection begins here.

Now that you look so lovely,
a new dress is in order.

A movie is on tap for the first entertainment of this happy day.

We must now dash to the Tea House for some... (do I see a cake there ?)

While enjoying the cake,
Lizzy is entertained by the "Kitty Kombo"
They sing a terrific Happy Birthday !

After sitting so long,(a hard thing for a 12 year old)
We decided to visit the local playground to release the pent up energy.

Meanwhile, back at the kitty kitchen, the chefs are baking Lizzy's cake.

Lizzy is desperately pleading
to take one last swim in the backyard pool. Guess what ? Wishes come true on your birthday !

The hour is late,Mama says that a pillow fight will be permitted...


Have a wonderful day, Lizzy

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