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God Bless America

"Music Is The Connection Tissue Among Souls"

"Le Jazz" Hot
This page was created by my good friend, Joan.
It is by far the best and most beautiful midi site ever !
Be sure to click on all the links.

Midi Links Galore

Another site by my friend, Joan

Banda-Azul...Sequenced by Julio Cezar
Highy recommended, You will love it

Wayne's Music

Wayne is a personnal friend !

Music For Lovers..Jazz...Another Favorite

Astral 1's Midi-life Crisis


Soft Sounds

Rewind The 50's

30's, 40's 50's Midis
Vegasgal's 'Soft' Music

High Quality Archive

Midi Links

Sunn Dolphin House Of Music...Very Nice

Romantic Midis..Love Songs

Midi Files

Many Midi Index

Dolphin's Dream Midi Ocean

All That Jazz

The Little Music Shop (very good)

Solid Gold Midi

Songs From The Forties

Movie Soundtracts


J R'S Music Section

The Juke Box Oldies

Music From Old TV Shows

Friends Of Jazz

Reflection's Midi Station

Solid Chrome

Bud's Kind Of Music

Midi Search Engine

Find A Song..Lyrics Search Engine

Midi Search Engines

Find A Sound Search Engine

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